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Forza Horizon 5 debunks the fallacy that Xbox Game Pass destroys the industry

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In a few hours we will be able to enjoy the new and renewed delivery of the fantastic arcde Forza Horizon 5 simulator, which this time will take us to Mexico, where we will find all kinds of terrain and weather events very well implemented. We have already analyzed it and for us it is a clear candidate to be GOTY.

Although the title is not officially available in Spain, from 12 in the morning we could already taste it by changing the location of our Xbox consoles. A few days ago we told you that during its early access it had reached a maximum of up to 800 thousand players, a figure that today falls short.

Forza Horizon 5 disproves all false beliefs about Game Pass

According to data provided by the players themselves –with the user counter within the game–, Forza Horizon 5 exceeded one million players this afternoon, data that shows that the Game Pass does not destroy the industry at all, the other way around; offers us the possibility of tasting a wide catalog of games before buying them forever. Why does this data disprove the fallacies about Xbox Game Pass? Well, very easy. At least one million players have had to pay 45 euros (if you are a Game Pass member) to access the game in advance, data that totally goes against false beliefs about the service.

In addition, finally, remember the statements of many studies, where this service and the treatment that Microsoft offers them, is a blessing.John jesus

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