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Telegram Will Launch Paid Subscriptions

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As users continue to grow, the social media giant Telegram, keep adding new features every month. Most recently, according to the announcement from Telegram CEO and founder Pavel Durov, platform The message plans to introduce a low-cost subscription service that can disable ads.

The announcement came from Pavel Durov, Sunday (7/10), on the channel Telegram official. According to the CEO, Telegram will allow users with large channels, who have more than 1000 subscribed users, to disable ads through the service subcriptions.

This way, users will be able to directly support app development financially, without being bombarded with ads on their channel.

So, the new feature the company will release is “in the form of a low-cost subscription service.” This feature will allow each user to disable official ads on the Telegram. Additionally, some channel creators will be able to turn off ads for all users on their channel by paying a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

“Advertisers can remove ads on any channel, assuming there is enough cost per impression and will not generate ads on that channel,” Pavel Durov wrote on the channel. Telegram official.

Currently, Durov confirmed that Telegram has developed a subscription service. The company also plans to launch it sometime next month. Telegram is assessing “economic conditions” for the option. Once completed, the company will start rolling out a new subscription service to disable ads on platformits for general users and channel builders.

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