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The Mystery of the Tilt of the Earth’s Core Under the Republic of Indonesia Finally Solved!

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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Natural phenomena are back in the attention of scientists, this time there is a study that says the earth’s core at the bottom of Indonesia is reportedly tilted. This was revealed in the research of Seismologists at the University of California, Berkeley, United States (US).

The cause of the tilted earth’s core is because the solid iron core in the center of the Earth grows faster under the Banda Sea. The Earth’s core in Indonesia has also lost heat faster than other regions such as Brazil. This makes cooling faster due to the crystallization of the core constituent iron.

The incident occurred about 500 years ago. Even so, the reason why the cooling process occurs quickly in Indonesia is not yet known.

“The only way we can explain it is that one side is growing faster than the other,” said study lead author Daniel Frost, a seismologist at the University of California, Berkeley.

The findings came to light while researchers were studying seismic waves, which are underground vibrations originating from earthquakes and passing through the solid iron core.

The discovery of the Earth’s core losing heat finally led to a new conclusion for scientists, namely that iron crystallization tends to lean towards the west, namely the Banda Sea region compared to the East.

Researchers revealed that there was 60% higher asymmetric growth to the west side. But also believe that does not mean there are other risks that make it unbalanced.

However, several mysteries regarding the Earth’s core remain unsolved. “The question is, does this change the strength of the magnetic field?” said Frost.

For information, the Earth’s core is located 3,000 kilometers below the surface. It is spherical in shape and consists of iron and nickel content.

The upper part of the core is the inner mantle from 300 to 2,890 km below the Earth’s surface. Followed by the outer mantle (10-300 km below the Earth’s surface) and the crust which is the outermost layer.

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