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TikTok remains the king of apps and Telegram beats another competitor

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In addition to having a competitive market in the field of smartphones, there is, in parallel, another environment of heightened competition in the field of apps. These try to captivate users to be present at all times, and thus have a high usage.

If until some time ago Facebook totally dominated this market, the last few months have shown new realities. TikTok has earned a place at the top of this area and is increasingly in the domain. There are still others to grow and leave behind the offers of the biggest social network on the Internet.


Apps market is on the rise

While not new in the field of apps, TikTok has grown in a unique way over the past few months. Gone are the problems that the previous US administration tried to impose on this social network and that came to question its availability.

This move turned out to be beneficial to TikTok, which gained users and ended up growing globally. This scenario is now again visible with the latest data for October 2021.

TikTok apps Telegram downloads market

TikTok continues to dominate

Although it only dominates Apple’s app store, its global position does not fail to place this social network’s app at the top of the global offering. With the help of the third position on the Play Store, TikTok is the app with the most downloads.

TikTok’s position has been achieved with more than 57 million downloads and installations on smartphones. The main markets where these numbers were achieved are China, with 17% of downloads, followed by the USA, which was responsible for 11% of these installations.

TikTok apps Telegram downloads market

Telegram doesn’t stop growing either

If the TikTok scenario was already known, others seem to take shape in this aggressive and very competitive market. We now have further proof that messaging apps seem to be gaining traction and are leaving Facebook’s proposals behind. That’s what we can see with Telegram managing to surpass Messenger in terms of absolute downloads.

Interestingly, and completely out of context, we have a new app growing on Apple’s App Store. We are talking about the National Anti-Fraud Center, which has already reached the third position. This is a Chinese app dedicated to filtering incoming calls and spam messages on your smartphone, as well as blocking malicious apps.

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