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Launching new initiatives for the Solidarity Relief Fund of the Federation of Egyptian Industries for Ukraine

During the recent visit of a Ukrainian delegation to the FEI Sports Forum held on 25-26 April in Lausanne, new initiatives and projects were approved for financing by the FEI Solidarity Fund.

The FEI Solidarity Fund was created in Ukraine last February, which was awarded 1 million Swiss francs, and has actively supported a number of equestrian projects in Ukraine and neighboring countries, which host Ukrainian horses and jockeys. This includes, among other things, the establishment of a logistics center in Granat, located between Lviv and the Polish border, in order to prepare the horses for transport to the European Union, and the financing and distribution of essential supplies to the regional centers of horses, such as food and emergency evacuation for the jumping team. In order to provide assistance efficiently and make the desired impact on the ground, the International Equestrian Federation has worked hand in hand with the Ukrainian Equestrian Federation (UEF) and the UEF Charitable Foundation. FEI President and Solidarity Committee Chairman Ingmar de Vos described his Ukrainian colleagues as “eyes and ears on the field”.

For the FEI and the Ukrainian delegation, led by UEFA General Secretary Mikhailo Barhomchuk, and accompanied by members of UEFA and the charity, this recent in-person visit provided an opportunity to discuss priorities, review the support systems in place, but also create new programs and set goals Long-term Ukraine and FEI relief fund.

As a result of these discussions, among the programs launched in Ukraine during the month of May, four new scholarships were awarded to the athletes, customized veterinary supplies were purchased and prepared for dispatch, as well as funding for the temporary purchase of eighty horse stalls to support the establishment of additional equestrian centers in Ukraine.

Four young Ukrainian jockeys have been selected for a scholarship from the International Equestrian Federation

Based on the current FEI Athletes Scholarship Program, two Ukrainian showjumping athletes, Oleksandr Prodan and Anastasia Bondareva, and two dressage athletes, Danilo Konovalov and Diana Borovik, have been selected to receive a scholarship. The goal is to represent Ukraine in the FEI championships in 2022 and 2023. At the age of seventeen to twenty-four, they were already competing internationally before the start of the war, but the current circumstances forced them to pause. For Diana Borovik, who survived the Siege of Sumy, she moved to her local equestrian center to be with her horses so she could continue training and competing. She also received a personal invitation to participate in the Young Rider event at CHIO Aachen where she intends to show her determination and perseverance against her competitors.

Les fournitures vétérinaires d’urgence qui sont emballées dans des kits spécialisés dispose et expédiées à des endroits stratégiques en Ukraine comprennent des médicaments en vente libre et des médicaments sur ordonnances de finé auxé vé aux le cessaire aux les s in the country. The detailed vet kits were provided by the FEI Department of Veterinary Medicine and were fully funded by the USEF Ukrainian Relief Fund (USEF), which complements the FEI Solidarity Fund. The Federation of Egyptian Industries distributes all donations collected to ensure efficient and targeted use of the funds. USEF’s Ukraine Relief Fund has already reached over $100,000 and continues to work closely with US-based charitable organizations to leverage fundraising networks to support the horses and the Ukrainian people.

“It has been impressive to see the global equestrian community unite in support of Ukraine,” Ingmar de Vos

In addition to the existing equestrian center in Granat which is funded by the FEI to prepare all the necessary documents for the border crossings that have been operating since March, the federation is now working with the UEF charity to provide eighty funds for two new centers that are in progress. Construction to keep horses safe in Ukraine. The new crates are located close to the existing stables, so the horses have access to all the necessary infrastructure and can continue to train in good conditions. For FEI President Ingmar De Vos, there is clear progress in the support structure and objectives of the FEI Solidarity Relief Fund. “At the start of the war, the FEI reacted quickly to the situation and set up the Solidarity Fund with the initial aim of finding and financing immediate and vital supplies and evacuation measures, without knowing how long the conflict would last and how devastating it would be. We have now come to a point where we can be More strategic because we have the systems in place.” The president of the International Equestrian Federation. “It has been impressive to see the global equestrian community come together to support Ukraine and we will continue to do everything we can to increase the reach of the FEI Solidarity Relief Fund to help the equestrian community and horse enthusiasts in Ukraine.‘, he completed.

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