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Portrait of Elizabeth Bourne, from Student of the Nation to Prime Minister of France

Monday 16 May 2022: Hey Retweet the President of the Republic.

Dear EElizabeth Burne Madam Prime Minister. The environment, health, education, full employment, democratic renaissance, Europe and security: with the new government, we will continue to work tirelessly for the French and the French,” we read on the official Twitter account of Emmanuel Macron.

On that day, the rumors that had been whispered for a few days in the corridors of the Matignon were confirmed: Elizabeth Bourne succeeded Jan Castex.

But where does the one who revealed the formation of her government on Friday, May 20, 2022 come from? What experiences fill the resume of the 61-year-old politician who was never elected – but still appointed? decoding.

Daughter of a camp survivor survivor

She bears this nickname that her father chose for his fake papers during World War II. Joseph Bornstein, a Russian-Jewish resister but stateless, a concentration camp survivorAuschwitz Based on Buchenwald, definitively adopted this title that she protected when he was granted French citizenship in 1950.

Elizabeth Bourne was only eleven years old in 1972 when the latter ended his life.

You are the wing of the nation. I was able to do my studies thanks to a scholarship.

She recalls with restraint in May 2021: “We ended up with my mother, who had two daughters and no real income,” on set1 guys 1 answeremployment c 8before revealing: “I was a disciple of the nation, and I was able to complete my studies [grâce à une bourse attribuée par l’État aux mineurs qui ont ce statut, après la perte d’un parent qui a rendu service à la France, ou a été blessé ou tué au cours d’une guerre ou d’un attentat, ndlr]. ”

“I wanted to have my financial independence, I stuck and I was able to get into an engineering college where I was paid by the state,” continues the polytechnic, who is also a graduate of the prestigious National School of Bridges and Roads.

Under the Socialist Ministers

If she had never joined the Socialist Party, Elizabeth Bourne, in the early 1990s, became an advisor to Lionel Jospin, then Prime Minister Jacques Chirac, then an artistic advisor to Jacques Lang, in civics and then in culture.

In 2002, her career took a completely different turn: the shadow politician was appointed Director of Strategy for SNCF, then Group Privilege Manager French ivage. She will also, from 2015 to 2017, be the CEO of RATP.

She returned to politics when, from 2008 to 2013, she directed urban planning at the Town Hall in Paris.

In the same year, 2013, Elizabeth Bourne was appointed again: this time, to the position of governor of the Poitou-Charentes region and governor of Vienne. The first for a woman.

The following year, the chief civil servant, who is also the mother of a child named Nathan, joined Segolene Royal’s government in the Ministry of the Environment, as Chief of Staff … before becoming a Minister in turn, two years later.

His reforms to various ministries

May 2017: Elizabeth Bourne joined the first government of Edward Philip. Here he is on top of the DOT.

This first mandate in government is marked by a reform voted by a large majority of the SNCF – which I directed fifteen years ago – and which is intended to highlight railway from its monopolistic position. The radical left and a large proportion of railway workers are indignant and demonstrate.

When the case of François de Rugy – who organized a private dinner with public funds – arose on Mediapart In the summer of 2019, he was replaced at short notice by Elizabeth Bourne in the Ministry of Environmental and Inclusive Transition.

During this short term, the politician declares that he “in his personal capacity” supports a referendum on the measures proposed by the Citizens’ Climate Agreement, and Port – Partially – Energy and Climate Laws (November 2019), Mobility Directive Laws (December 24, 2019), or even, Anti-Waste and Circular Economy (February 2020).

A year later, Elizabeth Bourne was called in to succeed Muriel Pincode Ministry of Labour, Employment and Integration of the Government of Castex. Then I inherited the thorny pension reform that I decided to postpone. It defends the issue of youth employment as a priority.

A woman from the left must convince… the left

If her biography is full of experiences with members of the Socialist Party – from Lionel Jospin to Segolene Royal – today many left-wing figures place her on the right of the political spectrum, because of the reforms that were made in these various ministries or, on the contrary, of those that did not Put it on the table exactly.

“In social matters, it’s the balance sheet of a right-wing woman,” estimates Julien Bayot, National Secretary for Ecology in Europe – Greens on microphone France Interthe day after the appointment of the new tenant in Matignon. “Obviously we expect absolutely nothing from this prime minister,” he said, resigning.

There is nothing new under the sun with this filter.

Feelings shared by Pierre Jouvet, spokesman for the Socialist Party:There is nothing new under the sun with this filter. It is the choice of the technical structure, again, to implement the project of social destruction that has been in the works for five years. Emmanuel Macron confirmed to the newspaper that Emmanuel Macron had appointed a prime minister without articles that would implement what “the castle” would order him to do. the world.

Fabien Roussel, the Communist Party’s 2022 presidential candidate, states, for his part, that “with the new prime minister, it will be the final stop for all Frenchmen.” A play with words borrowed from the aides of the ministries where the latter was in charge, who were shocked by the amount of work she was going to impose on them, and would have called her thus.

Moreover, if Emmanuel Macron had promised, from the playoff rounds, that the person he would choose to succeed Jean Castex would be “directly responsible for environmental planning”, and if, dAt the handover ceremony, the Prime Minister emphasized that we must “work faster and stronger”, environmental NGOs, for the time being, seem as skeptical as the current figures on the left.

About Jean Francois Julliard, Director general green area asked about France informationThe newly appointed Head of Government has been registered.”Following in the footsteps of Jean Castix, who did not shine on environmental issues.” It consisted of a certain form of inertia, even a certain step back in a certain number of subjects. Today, we are thus more than cautious,” it develops.

Nothing should stop the struggle for the status of women in our society.

First female prime minister in more than 30 years

In her opening speech at Matignon, Elizabeth Bourne also wished to make her date all the little girls: “Pursue your dreams,” she encouraged them.

“Nothing should hinder the struggle for the status of women in our society,” says the woman, who became the second woman in the history of the Fifth Republic to assume this role. Before her, only Edith Cresson, appointed by François Mitterrand, briefly held this position … 31 years ago.

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