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SPINEGUARD: Combined Plenary Meeting on June 8, 2022


Availability of the letter to shareholders 2022

Paris and Boulder, Colorado. – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Regulatory news:

SpineGuard (Paris: ALSGD) (FR0011464452 – ALSGD, PEA-PME eligible), an innovative company deploying its digital real-time surgical guidance (DSG) technology to secure and simplify the placement of orthopedic implants, recalls its public mixed public meeting on Wednesday, June 8, 2022 at 10 am On the premises of the law firm of Ashurst Paris, located at 18 square Edouard VII, 75009 Paris, it presents its terms and conditions to shareholders as well as its letter to shareholders.

ways to vote

Shareholders will have the ability to attend the general meeting in person or cast their votes remotely, prior to holding the general meeting via the platform vote, or By correspondence or by proxyAnd In accordance with the procedures described in the Notice of Meeting as Notice of the Meeting published in BALO on May 2, 2022.

Online voting via the VOTACCESS platform is available from 9am on May 20, 2022. If your broker is a member of this VOTACCESS platform, you can access it using your usual identifiers through your web interface to manage your posts. The VOTACCESS platform will be closed on Tuesday, June 7 at 3:00 PM..

Possibility to vote or to give a power of attorney by correspondence will expire on June 3, 2022 (the end of the deadline for receiving voting forms by mail).

The invitation brochure and the voting form are available at the following links:

voting form

invitation brochure

All documents relating to this general meeting are available on the SpineGuard website,, in the Investors/General Meetings section.

For any questions regarding the voting procedure, shareholders can contact the Investor Relations team by email at the following address: [email protected]

In the event of a lack of a quorum, a second meeting will be held on the second call June 30, 2022 at 10 am In the building of the law firm of Ashurst Paris, located at 18 square Edouard VII, 75009 Paris.

It should be noted that the Arab Monetary Fund strongly encourages shareholders to exercise their right to vote, which is a fundamental right of shareholders.

Message to shareholders

SpineGuard delivers its message to shareholders

« The increased interest generated by our latest developments offers real prospects for value creation. He is a catalyst for the entire SpineGuard team, who are working to unlock the full potential of DSG technology, unique in its ability to secure and simplify the placement of orthopedic implants while minimizing the use of X-rays. ”, Announcing the founders of SpineGuard, Pierre Jerome, Chairman and CEO, and Stefan Pete, Executive Vice President.

Read the full letter to contributors here

About SpineGuard®

Founded in 2009 by Pierre Jerome and Stéphane Pete, and headquartered in Paris and Boulder in the United States, SpineGuard is an innovative company that deploys its digital DSG® technology for real-time, non-X-ray surgical guidance to secure and simplify the placement of orthopedic implants. The company designs, develops and markets innovative medical devices worldwide that are used in more than 85,000 surgical procedures to date. Numerous scientific studies, including 19 published in leading medical journals, have demonstrated the reliability and accuracy of DSG® technology and its many benefits to patients, surgeons, hospital staff, and healthcare systems. Building on these fundamentals and strategic partnerships, SpineGuard is extending applications of its DSG® technology to innovations such as the “smart” cervical screw, DSG Connect recording and visualization interface, surgical robotics and dental implants. Invented by Maurice Burleon, Dr. Ciaran Bolger and Alan Vanquithem, DSG® has been designated an “Innovative Company” by Bpifrance since 2009 and is committed to a corporate social responsibility approach.

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Peter Jerome

President General Manager

Like. : 01 45 18 45 19

[email protected]

Manuel Lanfosi

Chief Financial Officer

Like. : 01 45 18 45 19

[email protected]

Investor Relations and Financial Communications

Mathilde Bohen / Pierre Laurent

Like. : 01 44 71 94 94

[email protected]

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