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Stocks to follow on the Paris Stock Exchange – Monday, May 23, 2022 – 05/20/2022 at 6:26 pm.

(AOF) – Ellis

The Ellis Joint General Meeting of Shareholders, held on May 19, 2022, agreed to pay a dividend of €0.37 per share for the 2021 financial year and decided to provide an option for each shareholder to pay such dividends in cash or new. Involved. The option to pay such dividends in the New Shares may relate only to the entirety of the dividends relating to the shares owned by the said Shareholder.

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the main points

– International provider of rental maintenance solutions for textiles, hygiene and luxury items;

A sales volume of 3 billion euros is balanced between industry, health, stores and services, then hotels and restaurants.

– International presence, with France providing 31% of revenue, ahead of Central Europe (24%), Scandinavia and Eastern Europe (16%), UK and Ireland (12%), Southern Europe (8%) and Latin America;

– The business model is summarized in two points: geographical and commercial diversity, operational excellence through cost reduction and strict management of delivery fleets;

Divided capital (12.32% of shares and 20.62 of voting rights of the Canadian Pension Fund), Thierry Morin chairs the 11-member supervisory board and Xavier Martiré the executive board;

– The financial situation is still tense with 3 billion euros in equity and the same amount of debt, but the leverage has decreased to 3.


A strategy aimed at strengthening positions through 4 levers: organic growth and targeted acquisitions, regular opening of new markets, improvement of operational excellence and enrichment of supply through cross-selling of services;

Innovation strategy focused on digitization: for customers, Elis Connext tracking software and in-house e-contract, GLAD deployed in 2021 in Europe, a logistical support solution;

– Environmental strategy: projections by the end of 2022 for climate goals, accelerating the use of “clean” vehicles for delivery fleets, circular economy, at the heart of the economic model: environmental design, product sustainability, textile recovery, and line “green loan of 900 million euros;

– Diversification of pest control services through the acquisition of Danish Crisal.

– Strengthening presence in Latin America – Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.


Continuing successful diversification into healthcare, industry and trade and anticipating a return to 2019 levels in hotels and restaurants;

– the incorporation of the first rank in Mexico in linen rental and workwear, which should be positive on income;

– The ability to accept price increases from the second half to offset the negative impact of rising gas prices.

Forecast for 2022: an increase of 13-15% in sales volumes, a growth in operating profit of about 500 million euros, free cash flow of 200 million euros, and a reduction in debt leverage to 2.6;

Return to dividends for 2021 at €0.37.

Business services: road transport faces labor shortage

A report published by Darice (Direction de l’Animation de la recherche, des Etudes et des Statistiques) in October 2020 indicated that truck drivers were among the thirty most stressful occupations in France in 2019. This tension is not repercussions but could increase in years. coming. According to OTRE (European Road Carriers Organization), the needs could reach 100,000 jobs in the next five years. This phenomenon, which diminished during successive periods of confinement, reappeared with the resumption of activity. It is partly related to the lack of image and unattractive pay. Unfortunately, recent negotiations between the social partners to re-evaluate the branch threshold were unsuccessful.

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