Live Broadcast – BFM Patrimoine Summit: Is Gold Still a Safe Haven?

Bond yields that can be attractive despite inflation

Some high-yield bonds offer returns around 7%.

“If we can identify transmitters and vehicles that know how to recognize (those) transmitters that are capable of reimbursement, we still have a bonus that becomes interesting, even in an inflationary world,” says Adil Amor, managing director of Schelcher Prince Management.

Conference – Chairs Roundtable: All the news for heritage, legal professionals and personalities

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Presented by :

  • David Sharlet, President of Anakovi
  • Cedric Decor, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of BFM Business
  • Philip Foy, from La Compagnie des CGP
  • Pascal Glocer, Secretary General of CNCEF Patrimoine
  • Julian Siraki, President of CNCGP
  • Vital Saint-Marc, Paris-Ile-de-France Vice President of the Association of Chartered Accountants

These real estate assets are the best

Major food, health and housing brands. For Frank Engels, director of distribution at Inter Gestion REIM, this is the most booming segment of real estate right now.

Is gold still a safe haven?

“We’re back to $2,000 an ounce (this year, NLDR), which we haven’t seen in ten years, and we’re still at very high levels. (…) Over the long term, gold remains a high-performing asset,” said Charlotte Burron, fund manager. Stocks in Crédit Mutuel Asset Management, which specializes in gold and commodities.

Workshop – Trust: the alpha factor for family businesses. Why invest in these companies?

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Submitted by:

  • Jan Berg, Director – Senior Portfolio Manager at Credit Suisse
  • Aurélie Fardeau, freelance journalist

Workshop – Does investing in unlisted enter the savers arena?

How is democratization? What are the challenges that savers and companies face? What are the products about France Relance Label; State bailout for private equity, new investment in private equity backed by BPI; Does the state want to partly shift mountains of savings to the unincorporated?

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Submitted by:

  • Lawrence David Dillin, freelance journalist (reverberationAnd the Insurance Tribune)
  • Dominique Collot (Soravenir)

Workshop – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies: Towards a Big Boom / Big Boom?

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Submitted by:

  • Jean-Francois Villiatre (winning markets)
  • Jeffrey Riplin, Managing Director of Primonial Partners
  • Carl Toussaint de West, co-founder of Netinvestment

Conference – Tectonic Investments: How are SRI, Blockchain and Private Equity Creating New Possibilities?

In the face of global warming, rising inequality and a resurgence of war in Europe, what role will SRI play in financing options for banks and investors? Is the war in Ukraine redrawing its borders? Increasingly strict regulations and increasingly comprehensive control over the impact of funds could reduce the temptation to greenwash: How many funds should end up reviewing their investment options? This conference also discusses other investments in the future, those that are already gaining momentum: private ownership and solutions powered by blockchains.

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Presented by :

  • Claire Palfa, Director of Blockchain and cryptos France at KPMG
  • Claire Chabrier, President of France Invest
  • Léa Dunand-Chatelet, Head of Responsible Investment at DNCA Finance
  • Guillaume Sommerer, Deputy Editor-in-Chief at BFM Business

How to reassure savers in the midst of a market storm

Benoist Lombard, president of Laplace, is back on what wealth management advisors must do to reassure savers and provide them with the best support in this turbulent period in the markets.

Workshop: The hidden advantages of matching

>> find here Our Workshop: The Hidden Advantages of Employer Matching.

workshop with:

  • Jean-Francois Villiatre (winning markets)
  • Bruno Lourenço, Regional Sales Manager at Eres

Workshop: The topic of the beneficiary clause in the international context

>> Find our workshop here: The subject of the Beneficiary clause in an international context.

workshop with:

  • Marie Daskalakis, responsible for business development for the French market at Wealins
  • Lawrence David Dillin, freelance journalist (reverberationAnd the Insurance Tribune)
  • Julien Miliniewicz, Wealins’ France Wealth Planner

“We must demystify, revitalize, and underestimate the world of finance.”

“We must demystify, demonize, and underestimate the financial world for the sake of saving,” said Behringer Blachick, France/Benelux/Nordic Distribution Manager at Franklin Templeton.

Inflation will not peak before the end of the year.

For Thierry Dupont, co-founder of BDL Capital Management, “inflation will not peak before the end of the year” and “the price horizon is not at all clear.”

Focus on the 23rd edition of the Wealth Management Awards

Jerome Barry, an associate attorney who specializes in wealth taxation at Yards, who is also the chair of the Wealth Management Awards jury, talks about the 23rd edition of these awards. Wealth Management Awards will be given out at the end of the year.

Wealth Management Consultant (CGP), Heritage General Practitioner

Philip Barghe, Managing Director of Nortia, and Thomas Joyot, Chairman of Suravenir, talk about the CGP career, a guide to good asset management.

After the market plunge, should we bet on the stock market recovery?

After the market plunge, should we bet on the stock market recovery? “We should not get into investments that are too heavy and too aggressive now. But it is no longer the time to sell,” said Wilfried Galland, director and strategist at Monpenser Finance.

Could the price hike end well?

Marc Reyes, CEO of VEGA IM, and Wilfried Galland, director and strategist at Montpensier Finance, discussed the European Central Bank’s meeting for the immediate study of the “anti-fragmentation” instrument, which tracks recent tensions in bond markets, as well as on the Federal Reserve’s unprecedented decision to choose an increase of 75 basis points, the largest increase since 1994.

Life Insurance in Luxembourg: “It is above all a legal and investment platform”

Mathieu Dubaly, President of LIA Patrimoine, explains that life insurance in Luxembourg, “is above all a legal and investment platform, which will make it possible to invest in many asset classes.”

How do you prepare for retirement?

“The pay-as-you-go system is suffering. We have an imbalance between subscribers and retirees.” Alexander Putin, Director of Wealth Engineering at Primonial Ingénierie & Développement, discussed the issues and decisions that must be addressed to properly prepare for retirement, as well as the idea of ​​pay-as-you-go retirement.

“The number of objects in orbit will double by 100 in the next 10 years”

Charles Begbeder, President of Audacia, has a particular focus on developing entrepreneurship in aviation, a sector in full revolution. “The number of objects in orbit is going to double by 100 in the next 10 years. So, these are no longer $1 billion worth of objects each, they’re small satellites. So we need precision launchers and then we need companies to hold,” he explains.

Plenary Session: The New Global Economic Architecture: What Horizon for Investors?

Monetary policies are moving into a new era, the era of tightening and raising interest rates in the face of inflation. In this context, what is the potential in the stock market and on different asset classes? Will the dearth of liquidity expose the weaknesses of many risky investments?

Plenary session (can be found here) with:

  • Valentin Ainouz, Vice President of Advanced Market Research and Strategy at Amundi
  • Geraldine Mitivox, Managing Partner at Alter Egale
  • Guillaume Sommerer, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of BFM Business
  • Philip Wachter, chief economist at Ostrum Asset Management

‘We need a strong housing minister’

For Henry Buzy-Cazaux, the head of the Imsi, we need a “strong housing minister (…) who can influence the president of the republic who is not immediately convinced of the usefulness of housing in this country”.

Advantages of Real Estate Investing in Bare Ownership

Invited to the BFM Patrimoine Summit, Tristan Barre, CEO of Perl, discussed the main advantages of real estate investing in bare ownership. The main advantage is the discount “on the price at the time of purchase” from the order of 30-40%. The second feature: freedom for those who can “go all the way”.

BFM Heritage Summit: Program

In its fourth edition, the BFM Patrimoine Summit, which will be held on Thursday, June 21 at the Carrousel du Louvre, will focus specifically on monetary policy, the dismantling of property or even cryptocurrency.

>> Find the entire program here.

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