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Back to School 2022: All Emmanuel Macron’s September announcements!

It’s been several months since the French saw their daily lives turned upside down. In fact, Since the beginning of this year 2022whether due to shortages, or the current global context representing the source, product recalls, especially inflation, Life becomes more difficult. But with the beginning of the school year approaching, the president decided to make some announcements Especially with regard to wages. We will explain everything here.

Back to school without teachers because of salaries

With the start of the school year fast approaching, The education system is in dire straits. In fact, there is a growing sense of teacher shortage. This year is more than 4000 vacancies. It is hard to imagine that classes cannot be less than 30 students. In a question, the competition that can be very tough especially the salaries. To succeed in this profession, teachers must have Master’s degree and then a competition. But salaries do not follow. And in this period, wages are very important more than ever.

The boss has realized Thus he declared that “although The extraordinary work of the entire educational community, it is clear that all is not well in the best of the worlds”. To change this he declared a “revolution Copernican » to the best former “ Thus “better ensuring equal opportunity, in particular by ensuring the quickest replacement of absent teachers”. this size Teamwork “ It must take place from the beginning of the academic year on a voluntary basis.

Teachers’ salaries above 2000 euros net for the next academic year

If Emmanuel Macron thus understood that wages, like inflation, should not go down again, we must also look to raise them. If the teacher had never traded gold before, with inflation increasing by 6.1% according to INSEE, now it won’t. Thus, he promised that the novice teacher would not start a career “in Less than €2000 net » monthly. this then Promotion who ‘will allow Approximately 10% increase in compensation compared to the status quo”. He also adds, “Charter for teachers.” This allows on a voluntary basis always fromParticipate in additional tasks ». And this is in “ Actions that have to make sense And paid of course.

A culture that does not pass

Moreover, Cultural Corridor Although it is different from the wages and also promoted in some way. Now you will be able to reach more young people. In fact, it will be Valid for children from 6ᵉ, this, Even the majority of them.

Educational innovation for the beginning of the school year

In this speech, Emmanuel Macron talks about “school from the future”He declares that he wants to minus 500 million euros From Educational Innovation Fund. In addition to increasing salaries so the president wishes “we Putting the money in it, at least 500 million euros, as close to the field as possible.” It must be “spent”. as soon as possible “.

“Future” in 5ᵉ

The president realized that more and more students are finding it difficult to orient themselves. So it presents new idea. In fact there is the level of education, salaries, school prices and even envy. So it’s hard for young people to know What are they doing with their future?. Thus, the president proposes Half a day called the future. So he works on the “give” An opportunity for all children of the Republic to learn about crafts and professionals in the framework of the school, to be able to build their future orientations “.

Vocational training

And high schools have not escaped this revolution that the leader of the state wants. In fact, he wishesTraining duration not less than 50%“For the next school year. Like Every job deserves a salaryThese trainings will be paid for. ” todaythe gap that exists between the exercises we know in vocational high school and what the trainee receives is not sustainable, we will have to move towards the convergence of these devices.”. as he trustsReview in conjunction with the regions, the training map, together suppose the closure of those that do not integrate and the development of those that do, as well as the creation of new areas oriented towards the sectors that employ “.

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