Science Festival: Ko-Fabrik shows research in a playful way

Science Festival: Ko-Fabrik shows research in a playful way
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Science Festival: Ko-Fabrik shows research in a playful way

The science festival Press Play was held at Kofabrik. He was devoted to the compatibility of humanity and artificial intelligence.

Direct democracy as Whatsapp chats, personality tests and artificial intelligence car rides: At the “Press Play” science festival at the Ko-Factory on Friday, researchers dared to try to present complex science in simple language – and with some tricks. He organized the festival Institute for Digitization Research Center for Advanced Internet Studies (CAIS).

Digitization is being explored in Bochum

Current research projects of the institute were in the center of attention. And that in a true festival atmosphere. The concept of the festival worked: comprehensible complicated topics. Also because experts from the institute believe that it is easier to learn something when you enjoy it, says Esther Laukötter, CAIS spokesperson. That’s why Jonathan Seim (29), a PhD student at CAIS, presented his research topic direct democracy as a Whatsapp chat.

The program was well received. Visitor Maik (51), whom she was particularly interested in Artificial intelligence theme he came CAIS was founded in 2017, but it was not until 2021 that CAIS was expanded into an institute with its own research program. This year, research will take place in Bochum on the topics of digital democratic innovation and educational technology and artificial intelligence.

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