Robbie Williams sings in “Elphi”

Robbie Williams sings in “Elphi”
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Robbie Williams sings in “Elphi”

While many artists speak almost in awe of the merciless acoustics at the Elbphilharmonie, world star Robbie Williams takes the subject very calmly. “Everyone says the acoustics are amazing here. But I dont care. I don’t care,” the 48-year-old smilingly told the German Press Agency in Hamburg before the concert.

The reason is very simple: “My ears are on. I hear that. You have speakers in your ears. And I’ve never bothered with the acoustics.” And if he makes mistakes that are then heard, he doesn’t have a problem with that either. “Well, my mistakes are part of the show, so mistakes are welcome.

On Tuesday evening, the Brit not only wants to celebrate his 25-year career with his best songs in the famous concert hall on the Elbe. There is also a special live premiere on the program. This is how artificial intelligence (AI) rearranged his hit song “Angels”. The new composition comes from a computer, or to be more precise from artificial intelligence “Beethoven AI”. Last year she already finished Beethoven’s 10th symphony. The track, for which the artificial intelligence interwoven the Moonlight Sonata with the intro of “Angels” for example, is to be performed live for the first time on Tuesday night at the Telekom Street Gig. The exclusive concert will be broadcast live on MagentaTV and on the station’s social networks.

Fascinated by the idea – but also suspicious

He was fascinated by Telekom’s idea that artificial intelligence would rearrange his song. This way of writing music is still very new, and one can be both fascinated and excited and cautious about it, Williams said. “When it comes to artificial intelligence, you can be all three things. Yes, in my own small way I am part of this technological revolution.”

He still thinks his version of “Angels” is better. “Well, an original is an original, right? It made my life and career possible and it made everything possible. So he’s my baby.” Would he also use artificial intelligence for his new songs in the future? “Maybe. I think it would be interesting if AI could write lyrics.” But he’s not letting AI help him with his new album, which is currently in the works.

A 25-year solo career in the spotlight

At the Elbphilharmonie, however, the focus of the evening will be his current album “XXV” and thus his 25-year solo career. The former Take That singer has re-recorded his greatest hits with an orchestra. Together with more than 80 musicians from the Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt, some of them will perform in “Elphi”.

Usually his shows are always full of energy and therefore demand a lot from him. If he has his way, the evening might be a little quieter. “I wish I could just stand there for the performance and let the awesomeness of the orchestra do it for me. And if it works, I’ll take it with me on tour.” Starting February 1, 2023 – back in Hamburg.

Williams already had some time on Monday to get to know the Hanseatic city better. Among other things, he was out on a harbor barge on the Elbe for a photo shoot and also gave his interviews at the Elbphilharmonie with the best view of the harbor. He had been to the Reeperbahn before, “but I didn’t really understand that it was a maritime and industrial city very similar to Liverpool,” the Briton continued. “This time I can better understand her heart and soul. I understand Hamburg. I’m getting to know the city.’

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