You should know these trends [Anzeige]

You should know these trends [Anzeige]
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You should know these trends [Anzeige]

The construction industry is currently going through one of its toughest phases: In addition to supply chain issues, interest rates in the construction industry continue to rise due to inflation. How this will continue in the future is hard to judge at this point. Yet there is an approach that could change the construction industry. The key word is: cheaper construction with AI. But how does it work in practice?

What does AI mean in construction?

Artificial intelligence, or AI for short, means that machines are trained to imitate human behavior. This has long since arrived in the technology sector and is used by companies, for example, in the form of chatbots to support customer support.

AI is also set to play an increasingly important role in the construction industry. Here, the technology should ensure, among other things, a safer construction site and a reduction in costs. Therefore, artificial intelligence in the construction industry ensures greater efficiency – which is definitely useful in times of crisis.

Currently, however, AI is not used very often on construction sites. However, this technology has great potential to revolutionize the construction industry.

Efficient construction planning with AI

For example, artificial intelligence could increase efficiency by saving resources and time. This works with forecasting algorithms that can very accurately determine if and when costs may be exceeded. Through a learning process, AI can make increasingly accurate predictions and issue early warnings over time.

Artificial intelligence not only detects potential cost overruns but also construction delays at an early stage. This gives project managers the time they need to catch up and prevent delays.

The advantage of AI controlled machines

It will be some time before machines can build entire houses without the help of humans. But there are already machines, such as excavators, that can handle certain tasks by themselves. This gives those in charge time for other tasks.

At the same time, these machines controlled by artificial intelligence have a big advantage over devices controlled by humans: in theory, they can work continuously. This automatically reduces the time required to complete the construction project. So companies can build more cost-effectively with AI.

Intelligent use of drones

Drones are already often used on construction sites, for example to analyze safety or progress. However, there is always a need for people behind the drones to analyze the images. With the help of artificial intelligence, drones can be trained to evaluate images independently.

The intelligent use of drones has clear advantages for builders: for example, they can identify hazards or measure productivity. This means that construction sites can not only be managed more efficiently, but also made safer overall. And at best, no additional help is required from employees to identify potential hazards and opportunities for improvement.

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