Annual event BW Healthcare Location Forum in Heilbronn – SWR Aktuell

Annual event BW Healthcare Location Forum in Heilbronn – SWR Aktuell
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Annual event BW Healthcare Location Forum in Heilbronn – SWR Aktuell

In Heilbronn, representatives of research, business and healthcare exchange ideas. An innovative chair that reduces waiting times was also on display.

In Heilbronn on Thursday, the “Baden-Württemberg Health Location Forum” discussed how medicine could be better digitized. For example, a chair that could soon be in hospitals was presented. The project is called TEDIAS, it comes from the Fraunhofer Institute and is financed by the state. After the test phase in Mannheim, the chair was able to take over routine tasks such as measuring blood pressure and respiratory rate, making it easier for doctors.

The minister supports cooperation between AI and healthcare

The guest of the forum was Minister of Economy Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut (CDU). He relies on the Heilbronn region to advance the use of artificial intelligence in medicine:

“[Der Innovationspark Künstliche Intelligenz] is successfully implemented here with strong partners. And I will call for cooperation to emerge, especially from the healthcare industry.”

The fourth edition of the event “Forum Healthcare Location Baden-Württemberg” will be held at the Heilbronner Harmonie until Friday. The focus is on trends and challenges in precision medicine, big data and artificial intelligence, the Baden-Württemberg health data utilization plan and the question of how research results can find their way from the laboratory to the bedside more quickly.

What is the Healthcare Placement Forum?

Health Placement Forum brings together more than 550 actors from research, business and care and wants to contribute to the strengthening of Baden-Württemberg as a place for health. The focus of cooperation is on structural issues in the healthcare sector – from digitization to challenges in the field of training and further education to localization factors for innovation.

The Baden-Württemberg Forum on the Location of Healthcare was founded in 2018 by Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Greens).

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