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I’d never been exposed to Salesforce until having to use it at my current job. At first (and, well, I guess still) becoming familiar with it was/is like learning a new language (now I know how the elderly feel when trying to introduce them to our ‘hip’ new tech trends). Little did I know that Salesforce was one of the top 2 leaders in CRM (Customer-Relationship-Management) nowadays. If you’re unfamiliar with this platform, imagine a Facebook for businesses that is completely customizable, that you pay to use to keep documentation and records of businesses you’ve already, are currently, and are hoping to work with in the future. At first I hated it, now I love it - as it’s a pretty helpful technical resource for good. After having to use it every day, I had to find out a little bit more about the mad scientist behind the Frankenstein. This book is very easy to read, and once you’re finished, it’s kind of hard not to like Marc Benioff. Sure, he’s an advantageous billionaire like the rest of them, but his drive is always toward to overall good of his employees and customers. Making very dramatic changes within the company’s infrastructure to make sure his employees are satisfied is a normal thing for the CEO, which, unfortunately (as I’ve experienced) is very uncommon in most workforces. I really enjoyed his outlook and philosophies of business and, since I’m always a fan of individual businesses’ histories, I enjoyed hearing how Salesforce evolved over the years! Great read whether you’d like to know more about the company or just hear a pretty down-to-earth dude talk about his journey with a multi-billion dollar company. #marcbenioff #trailblazer #business #bookpost #history #businesshistory #tech #socialmedia #platform #helpful #resources #society #literature #internet #company #progression #billionaire #booklover #bookstagram #bookclub #bookclubofinstagram #bookstagrammer #books