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Isn’t it amazing how sometimes the most obscure experiences turn out to be the most fulfilling life’s moments! 🙌 This was one of the last trips I took with my mom before she fell sick. I still remember the sweet intoxicating smells of all the flowers at the market and that taste of super strong filter coffee we had at the end of our excursion. We came home laden with flowers we purchased and my grandmother used them all to decorate the temple at home! 🥰 And now that memory lives on @fodorstravel as I share that beautiful trip to Chennai’s flower market in the wee hours of the morning. Thank you to the Fodors team for publishing this experiential trip. Goes to show it pays to walk off that beaten path every once in a awhile 😘



  • rheamatter

    Sometimes the beaten path hides beautiful surprises 😍😍

  • colesdg05

    Looking forward to being in India in May!

  • sannieburen

    Wow, love these flower photos! I once went to the flower market in Bangkok - it was amazing!