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So today is valentine's day, a day to love. I for one feel like loving yourself is one of the most important thinks you can do for yourself. Now I know at times this can be difficult. But it's well worth it. . Throughout my life I have known I've been 'different', and not what society has expected of a man. However, I've been lucky enough to be able to express myself more and more with the love of my friends. . This post, don't get me wrong, is a scary post for me to post. It's the first public post for me to display who I am. . Maybe in the future I'll feel more comfortable being me in public. But for the moment, I am Cal. A person who strives to be good, do good and be a little cheeky in the process. . I am proud of who I am and who I have become . And I love who I am. . . . #love #nonbinary #freinds #lgbt #lgbtq #dress #fem #feminine #denim #cute #different #loveyourself #development



  • Cinque Terre

    🙌🏻Go bby🙌🏻

  • Cinque Terre


  • Cinque Terre

    I haven't met you, but I'm also a non-binary juggler, and it's nice knowing that there are more of us out there. Props to you for being yourself!

  • Cinque Terre

    Soo proud of you! 💕💓 😊